Introducing the Mist User Guide

The perfect companion on getting the most out of Mist quickly and effectively.

We want users to be able to easily navigate and make the best of Mist. The User Guide provides the user with helpful information, both in how to use the tool, and relevant to methane emissions, their categories and sources, abatement technologies and cost.

The guide is constantly updated and enriched and includes:

- "How to" articles about getting started, managing access, and navigation.

- Guidance on creating facilities, reporting emissions, visualizing , analyzing, and exporting emission data.

- Structured documentation for each methane emission source with key information and step-by-step instructions

- Corresponding articles on mitigation options and technologies with a maturity level rating, a complexity rating, an effectiveness rating, and general suggestions, as well as references where applicable.

- Transparent information on emission factors, default values used and information sources

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