Case study: Iraq Ministry of Oil - Midland Oil Company

How a national oil company used Mist to detect and quantify their methane emissions, driving mitigation through actionable insights.
“Mist helped us understand sources of emissions in our oil and gas facilities, possible mitigation options to implement, and the economic benefits of the abatement projects.” - Operations manager, Midland Oil Company


Midland is a company with several onshore oil production facilities. For the company to reach their emission reporting and mitigation goals they needed to:

  • Understand and quantify their methane emissions
  • Understand inventory reporting and data quality
  • Understand and calculate abatement options, potential, and costs

Looking forward with Mist...

Following a successful training and deployment with Midland, the Ministry has initiated independent deployment of Mist within additional oil companies, with the objective of covering all upstream operations in Iraq.

Key results

How Carbon Limits helped

Carbon Limits provided Midland with know-how and resources in streamlining the process of gathering data needed to create their methane inventory in Mist.

With the detailed inventory in place resulting in more accurate and actionable data, Midland was able to analyze the results and build an action plan to mitigate their emissions, help reach their reduction goals, and get insights into potential cost savings from abatement.

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